Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Quotes from J T Geissinger's Melt for You



“Anyone who’d like to know what hell is like should spend an early morning exercising in freezing temperatures with a professional athlete who has an endless supply of energy and no soul.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Sometimes what you think is love is just a beautiful form of self-destruction. The worst thing in life is to give yourself away in exchange for nothing.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Don’t do it out loud, and don’t do it in your head either. Show yourself some damn respect, or no one else will.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Not everyone appreciates a sharp tongue or that its owner is usually just a big scaredy-cat who uses sarcasm as a shield.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Love is war, darlin’. Only thing in life worth sheddin’ blood over.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“A true friendship isn’t based on what you think you can get out of it. It’s based on respecting someone enough to let him be who he really is. A true friend is someone who says “I’m here for you” and proves it.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“The number of fucks you should give about what men think of how you look is zero, lass. Every choice you make about your appearance should be about what makes you feel good, not what makes some random lad – or your mother – think you’re cute. Don’t set aside your preference for anyone.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)



“Your body isn’t a thing to be looked at and judged against some standard of perfection that doesn’t even really exist. It’s vessel that take you through life, allowin’ you to experience all the beautiful things life has to offer. Food. Sex. Sunsets. Music. Hugs. Laughter. A healthy body is a gift. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t treat it like some cheap one night stand. Treat it like the love of your life. Treat it with respect and tenderness, but most of all, with gratitude.”
~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Men are never punished as severely as women for breaking the rules, because men made all the rules in the first place.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Being nice is the worst thing a woman can be. Nice means you have to swallow your own feelings and focus on everyone else’s. Nice means you don’t speak up when you’re wronged. Nice means being a people pleaser and a conciliator and worrying yourself to death over others’ opinions. Nice means never getting what you really want.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“Live your truth. Let others live theirs. Don’t kiss anyone’s ass, but don’t be an arsehole. Either. It’s very simple” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)


“People can be arseholes. Sometimes those arseholes are family. It sucks, but doesn’t mean you have to take on their bullshit.” ~~ J T Geissinger (Book: Melt for You)



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