Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Quotes From Ira Trivedi’s India In Love



“For the first time since the Vedic age one of the central pillars of the Indian society and culture – marriage – is undergoing drastic change as you adults increasing choose to marry on their own terms, not settling for marriages that their families have arranged for them.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Many young Indians from the urban middle class are beginning to believe that love and sex are the only things that matter in relationships, particularly marriage. This unprecedented change in thinking has probably lead to more fulfilling relationships than those of the past, but it has also led to multiple crisis in our society.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Even today, the darkest and most excessive form of sexual perversion and violence could be said to be the manifestation of a society that has been sexually repressed for decades.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“We are never going back to the India of our past. The sexual revolution has begun, it is gaining pace and nothing can stop it.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Indian men may have several ‘issues,’ but a woman with an ‘issue’ is a serious issue.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Marriage is not as economically viable as it once used to be. Changes in tastes, technology and institutional and legal environments have decreased gains from marriage.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“The dreams of the Indian woman are piercing through the walls of the kitchen and the living room, leaving behind rubble, glass and other debris.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“It is ironic that a country like India that has recorded, celebrated and presented love in such a variety of forms shuns the concept of romantic love in modern times.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“In a country with deep-seated traditions of patriarchy, casteism, and family honor, falling in love across caste and community lines is difficult and sometimes even life threatening.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Despite the menacing odds, love and longing in the small towns of India is increasing like never before. Young men and women are braving centuries of social resistance and daring to fall in love across caste lines.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Anonymity also increases with the help of technology. Gone are the days of trunk calls and surreptitious love letters. Cell phones have greatly increases the ability of the individual to control his/her fate and be freed from societal restraints.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Sex talks of any kind usually get flak from some sections of society. Elsewhere in the world, it is always on religious grounds whereas in India it is on “cultural” grounds. Ironically, all this talk issues come forth from the same culture that gave the world the Kama sutra and whose myths have celebrated sexuality over millennia.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Abstinence focused sexual education doesn’t change teenage and adolescent sexual behavior, nor does it delays the age of initiation of sexual activity.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Indian society like many societies the world over, is patrilineal, patriarchal, and patrilocal.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Employment plays a pivotal role in shaping gender identities and gender relations. The employment status of a woman’s partner affects her risk of spousal violence.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)



“As is well known, women in Indian society are enshrined in religion or spirituality; there they are objectified as goddesses but they are otherwise never seen as harbingers of good luck or necessary to uphold a family’s fortunes. Sons on the other hand are necessary to kindle the funeral pyre of their late parents and to assist in the onward journey of the soul.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“The most apparent reason for the higher divorce rate is the financial independence of Indian women, which allows them to step out of unhappy marriages.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Perhaps the biggest blow to patriarchal society is when a woman makes sexual choice for herself, not just choosing her own partner, but also the gender of that partner.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Homosexuality in India is accepted as long as it does not interfere with reproduction and the family process. Sex and marriage seem to be disconnected – so as long as the son marries and has children, he can do whatever he wants in the bedroom. As long as homosexuality is “masti” or fun, it is okay, but the minute it becomes an identity then it becomes a problem.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“Prostitution may have taken on a new look, but it remains a primeval game. Though, a new form of prostitution is brewing where sex work took place in five-star hotels instead of brothels and girls solicited in night clubs instead of on the streets, the mentality, the economics, the desperation, the addiction and the darkness too were as old as desire.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


“India has the chance of overcome her past prejudices and recognize sexual and marital freedom as a fundamental human right. we may never again be a society devoted to sexual practice as we once were, but we are on our way – however slowly and treacherously – to greater sexual openness, tolerance and freedom.” ~~ Ira Trivedi (Book: India In Love)


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