Saturday, September 26, 2020

Quotes from Alex Lux’s The Seduced Saga


"Lose a few games and everyone wants to show you how it's done." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Innocence)


"Maybe life isn't about answers, but rather the adventure." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Innocence)


"When one find the one, when you share that spark of kismet, then it becomes inconceivable to walk through life with anyone else. More than that, it's impossible to imagine life without them." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Innocence)


"It's remarkable how much is going on around us that we never see or notice. We think we're at the center of things, but we're oblivious to so much." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Innocence)


"Violence only creates more of the same. If we want a world of peace, love and true harmony, we have to practice that ourselves." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Innocence)


"Hope is a fragile thing, yet strangely enduring. It hides in the crevices of pain, burrowing deep until unseen, for fear that sorrow, in its rage, will devour hope's desperate hold on the heart. It can live there for years silent and waiting. Or, it can be slaughtered with a word --- mankind's most powerful weapon." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Pain)


"We all have reasons for doing what we do, and every soldier at war believes his cause is the right and just one. No one likes to think they are the bad guy." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Pain)


"You'll be miserable your whole life if you fight who and what you are. But if you accept yourself, all parts of yourself, you'll know a freedom you've never imagined. Sometimes it takes someone we love telling us it's okay to claim it before we are able to embrace it." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Pain)


"Some memories should never be allowed to take root in our minds. Some days should never greet the sun. Some moments should never be lived." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Power)


"Everyone deserves a second chance and we can't judge someone by their past alone. We have to look at who they are now." ~~ Alex Lux (Book: Seduced By Power)



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