Thursday, December 31, 2020

Quotes from Julie Ortolon’s Almost Perfect



"It's okay to be afraid, but it's not okay to let fear keep you from something you want to do." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"Never let your past limit your future." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"It's not always wise to rush straight ahead, ignoring all the warning signs. Reckless actions can lead to head-on collisions." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"The past never goes away. It's like the clothing mistakes in the back of your closet. You can forget about them for long stretches, but the minute you dig past your current clothes, there they are, right where you left them, some of them even uglier than you remembered. They haven't magically vanished or gotten pretty while you weren't looking." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"If you want to succeed in the business world, learn to leave your emotions at home." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"The gift of good intentions is often a burden to the receiver." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"Sometime in life, we all need a little nudge to get us moving in the right direction. If we ignore it, we're likely to get a shove." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"The only way to conquer fear is to face it." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"A solid long-term strategy is made up of steps." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"You maiden name is your father's and your married name is your husband's. A woman's first name is the only thing that's really hers." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)



"Love can be both joyous and painful, It's like an amusement park. You can ride the carousel, and go round and round nice and slow, or you can take the plunge on the roller coaster with all its big highs and lows." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)



"People say 'I love you' all the time, but rarely mean it. In fact, I think very few people even know what it means." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"Nothing comes without a price, so don't whine when the bill arrives." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)



"Don't hold yourself back because of what people think." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"One woman's dream is another woman's nightmare, so be careful what you wish for." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"Never underestimate gut instinct." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


"It's very tough to say goodbye, but sometimes it's not necessary. If the bonds are strong enough, all those promises to stay close actually stick." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)




"We all form our opinions about relationships based on the dynamics of our parents' relationship. It's what we grow up watching." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)




"Desire alone isn't enough. You have to have ability and conviction." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)



"Success changes things. Sometimes in ways that aren't so comfortable. It requires responsibility and sacrifice and can open you up for undeserved criticism. It also changes how you see yourself and how others see you." ~~ Julie Ortolon (Book: Almost Perfect)


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Monday, December 28, 2020

Quotes from Jane Porter’s The Frog Prince


“Being nice is overrated. Being nice gets you ignored. Forgotten. Being nice means you wait and wait and never get your turn.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“We shouldn’t have to be good girls. Sugar sweet girls who follow all the rules. There’s no reason good girls can’t still be good girls even if they’re bad. Who gets to define what’s good and bad anyway?” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“One shouldn’t have to die – physically or psychologically – for love. Love should be about strength, not weakness. Empowerment, not dependence.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“All the happy ending and good things can’t just be at Disneyland. Adults need happy stories too.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“Dating is like the lottery. You’ve got to up your chances of winning by entering more times.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“A man doesn’t make you special. You’re special because you’re you. No man will live us the way we need to be loved. We have to love ourselves before anyone else can love us.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“Dads aren’t supposed to freak out on their families. Dads are supposed to be dads to their kids. Dads are supposed to be…good.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“If there are rules for good girls, then there are should be rules for singles and the number rule would be no endearments outside of a serious, monogamous relationships. Casual endearments make the user look (a) weak, (b) desperate, and (c) cheap.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“You don’t have to get married to get presents. You can buy all the stuff yourself.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“No one should have to go through life wondering if they’ve done a good job or if they’re adequate.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“If a man uses endearments too soon, he’s going to be one of those touchy-feely types. And women aren’t all that comfortable with touchy-feely men. A lot more women have intimacy issues than folks know, and an indiscriminate use of “sweetie” or “baby” is bound to have negative and lasting repercussions.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“People who say there’s no such thing as a broken heart, or pontificate on the physiological impossibility of a heart actually breaking, these people don’t know hurt.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“We can choose other paths, other thoughts, other directions, other selves and not looking back but going forward.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“How can people love each other but still not feel loved? How can we say the right words and still feel wrong?” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“Every princess needs goals. A plan, a map, a compass. She has to know where she wants to go or she’ll never get there, spending too long in dungeons, stone towers and dangerous woods.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


“Women are just grownup little girls and little girls may appear delicate and fragile, but they also dream of Jedis and samurais, pirates and kings. They want adventure and excitement. They want life. But mostly, they crave happily-ever-after.” ~~ Jane Porter (Book: The Frog Prince)


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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Quotes from Nina Whyle's My Disorganized Life




“Maybe there’s some truth in the fact that those people who are insecure are often mean spirited to solely make themselves feel better.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“As long as you are true to yourself everything will work out in the end. At least you awe it to yourself to give it a shot.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“It’s all very well telling other people to be brave; to seize the moment and face their gears but it’s very difficult when it’s your own fears.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“Sometimes we make wrong decisions in our lives, but we always have a chance to change them.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“Every human being out there has annoying traits; it’s just how annoying they are to you that count.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“It’s amazing how time flies by when you are doing absolutely nothing but watching daytime T.V., forcefully cohabiting with your parents.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“Having religious parents somehow equates to a constant recall of all growing pains – aka fuckups – at any given moment.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“People behaved differently when they think camera’s not on them, their real personality shines through, which means they are likely to say or do something unexpected.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


“Do not let fear steal your chance. Without chances there is no opportunity and you’ll miss life passion you by without so much as a ripple lapping over your toes.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book: My Disorganized Life)


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