Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Quotes from Khushwant Singh’s On Religion


“Right from the time life began on earth people have been asking themselves who or what made us, what was His, Her or It’s purpose, where do we go, when do we die? Nobody has yet been able to give satisfactory answer to these questions. It seems no one will ever be able to do so.”  ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“No, my friends, there is no justice in the world. to succeed in life you have to be the three Cs (or chalakis in Hindi) chaalak (cunning), chaaploos (sycophant) and chaar-sau-bees (a cheet as defined under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code). ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“All religious borrow a lot from the others with which they come into contact; there is no a single religion in the world that has not burrowed some concept or the other from another: some borrow vocabulary and even rituals.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“Peace of mind is a sterile concept, which produces nothing.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“Lying requires cunning to cover up the lies you have told before. Truth does not require brain.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“It is not very easy to face one’s own conscience, but it is the ultimate test which one must pass.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“It is evident that all religious systems have failed us. They have generated more misunderstand and hatred than love and friendship.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“In India whenever religious rites and commonsense are in conflict, you can be sure that the rite, however irrational and irritating, will win.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“The honest truth is that we do not know where we come from, whether or not there is a divine purpose in our existence on earth; nor do we know where we will go when we die.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“In a country like India, which has few diversions that poor can afford, such as clubs, pubs and cinema houses, places of worship provide free, harmless entertainment in the company of like-minded people.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“It can be scarcely, be disputed that we Indians, be we Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Parsis, spend more time in performing religious rituals than any other people in the world.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“Ask yourself whether strict adherence to a routine of prayers, ritual or telling the beads of a rosary makes a person better human being? Is it not true that even dacoits pray for success of their nefarious missions before they embark on them?” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


‘In India astrology has religious sanction. It must therefore be exorcised from the Indian religion of the future. That it totally unscientific is beyond dispute. Astronomy is science, astrology is not. What superstition is to religion, astrology is to astronomy – the illegitimate offspring of sick minds.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“There is something inherent in all religious systems which make them intolerant towards others. This phenomenon is particular noticeable when a section of believers break away from the main body to recognize sub-prophets of their own with their separate scriptures, places of worship and social organization. No religious system is known to have escaped the cancer of intolerance.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“I have burnt my heart thinking about the existence of God. And the more I think the more I am convinced that He is an illusion. And even if there be an all-powerful creator and a destroyer, He is not just Preserver according to the norms of justice as I understand them.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“Speculating about where we come from and where we go after we die is a waste of time. No one has the foggiest idea. What we should be concerned about is what we do in our time on earth.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“Logic has never been the strong point of any established religion. Nor has there been room for accommodation of a different point of view in the mind of religious bigots.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“The spirit of revenge is deeply ingrained in the human psyche. It is not an animal instinct because animals do not kill to take revenge, only in self-defense or for food.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“The genesis of religion lies in the fear of the unknown.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“Most men and women who deny God are to my knowledge more truthful, helpful, kinder and more considerate in their dealings with others than men of religion.” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


“We do not know where we come from, we know not the purpose of our lives on earth and we do not know where we go when we die. Instead of believing in fairy tales or Genesis and the Day of Judgment or equally baseless stories of reincarnation why not be honest and admit I do not know?” ~~ Khushwant Singh (Book: On Religion)


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