Monday, November 11, 2019

Quotes from Katie Graykowski Books


"The more things changed, the more they stayed the same." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


"Pleading no contest wasn't admitting defeat. It was being realistic." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


"Pride is a delicate thing. It can't be bought, but it can be taken away." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


"Motivation was always the key. Get to the root of why, and know the person." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


"Perfection is an illusion. If everyone were good at everything, the world wouldn't be nearly as much fun." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)



"Calling in reinforcements isn't a sign of weakness. Just the opposite -- it's a sign of character." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)

"Laugh and the world laughed with you....cry and they knew how to hurt you." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)



"True love has gone the way of typewriters. It's a relic from a bygone era." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)



"Why didn't grief come with an expiration date? Time didn't heal all, it piled layers of mundane memories on top of sadness." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


"Life was about making good memories, not material possessions." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


"The only one comparing you to anyone is you. Stop running from who you are, and make peace with it." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Perfect Summer)


“A woman should have at least a few regrets before she turned thirty.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“Winning isn’t the only goal, sometimes finishing is more important.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“You’re never past a good cheesy line. They make the world go around." ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“People hurt people every day – sometimes intentionally and sometimes by accident.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“Get out of your head and live in the moment. Stop analyzing everything and just enjoy it.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“Feel free to analyze things, but you do need to give equal time to living in the moment.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“It takes someone special to make a kid smile, especially when they don’t have a lot to smile about.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“When you take money from someone, there are always strings – the kind that choke you like a noose.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)

“Life isn’t about counting your losses, but reveling in your victory.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“Kids knew when adults were lying and once they detected a lie, their trust was gone.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)



“Life was precious and prefect and came to an end. Nothing lasted forever…except heartache.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“Men come and go, but best friends are with you no matter what.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Changing Lanes)


“Self-confidence was a good thing, but an overabundance was dangerous.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)


“Kids needed to get out and experience the world – see things, do things that didn’t revolve around TV, computer games or smartphones.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)


“That was the way of society; you make a mistake, make restitution, learn from it, and move on. If there’s no restitution, there’s no learning. No consequences equal spoiled brats.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)


“The ability to punch isn’t that useful in a girl fight. Words are our finest weapons…and, well, most men can’t keep up.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)


“Raising children in a toxic environment doesn’t male for happy, well-adjusted baby humans.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)


“Love was like being at a cocktail party with a hundred other people but only wanting to spend time with one person.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)


“What was it like? To know someone loved you no matter what – someone who would always be there for you and have your back.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)



“Trash-talking is like archery. Without proper training, you’re liable to shoot yourself in the foot, or worse, injure the public at large.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Saving Grace)

“Life’s life. There are good days and bad days. People are the same everywhere. The clothes are different, but people pretty much act the same no matter where they are.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Charming Coco)


“When have you ever met a sane, rational man? God love them, but sane and rational don’t belong in the same sentence as the word ‘men’.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Charming Coco)


“It sucks when you get older and start seeing your parents for the flawed people they really are. Growing up, life is black and white. Now everything’s got a grayish tint.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: Charming Coco)



“Children of abuse learned to fade into the background. They had to hide, and the things they loved had to hide with them.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: The Debra Dilemma)



“There was something arrogant about people who made others waste their precious time because of poor planning.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: The Debra Dilemma)


“Nouveau riche are so gauche. If you actually keep track of how much money you have then it isn’t enough. Rich and entitled is all about attitude. You need to work on it. It starts by looking down on everyone with less money than you.” ~~ Katie Graykowski (Book: The Debra Dilemma)


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