Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Quotes from Gretchen Galway Books


“Some things are worth fighting for. Some people are worth fighting for.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“People who devote themselves so intently to their own bodies were seldom concerned about anyone else.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“You cannot do what other people need. You have to do what’s right for you.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“It can’t be good business for everyone to be so hateful and miserable and mean to one another.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“You couldn’t change people. You had to learn how to work around them.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“You’ve only got one body. It’s strong and perfect. You should take care of what you have.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)

“Don’t depend on them liking you. It’s not enough and it never lasts. You need to stop caring about what people think of you. People who don’t matter anyway.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“Everyone needs to have a little faith – in themselves most of all.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Love Handles)


“Fear of abandonment could strike the hardiest of souls.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)


“Artists aren’t nearly as common as people think.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)


“How long do you think life is? It’s short. Short. You have to seize it. You have to take it and grab it now.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)


“You know you can’t wait forever. Sometimes you can’t wait for life to get out of your way. You have to barge right into it.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)


“All glassed are more than half full at all times, even when they’re empty.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Not Quite Perfect)

“That’s life. Everybody uses someone else in one way or another. We’re just biological organisms, dependent upon one another, mortal and insignificant. No point getting upset about it.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: The Supermodel’s Best Friend)


“People don’t listen to trash about their significant other. You love who you love, no matter how stupid.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: The Supermodel’s Best Friend)


“It would be dumb to go into long-term relationship without knowing as many potential problems as possible.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: The Supermodel’s Best Friend)


“Some people just wanted to get rise out of you. What they hated the most was to be ignored.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: The Supermodel’s Best Friend)


“Nobody was going to complete anybody that was bullshit. Everyone was alone and needed to accept that. As soon as you started thinking you needed someone else in order to be a whole person, you put an impossible burden on the relationship. Anchoring it to the ground, preventing either of you moving forward, growing, living.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: The Supermodel’s Best Friend)

“It’s much harder when you’re older to get serious about something important.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In)


“Being away from home can do that to you. You forget who you are, do things you’d never do otherwise.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In)


“Whether people wanted to admit or not, money mattered.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In)


“When people find their soul mates. They tune out the rest of the world.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In)


“Any man who put his phone on the restaurant table to take a call from one woman – who wasn’t relative or a coworker – while he was having lunch with another one, had feelings that went beyond friendship.” ~~ Gretchen Galway (Book: Diving In)



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