Thursday, October 3, 2019

Quotes From Advaita Kala's Almost Single

 "For most people, life and love are like a game of connecting-the-dots: the numbers always form a straight line to the goal. The result is a perfect picture. For the lesser half-especially for those who inhabit my world --- the vision is a blur of blots and splotches and there's no straight line to speak of." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"The older the guy gets, the bigger his dating pool. It works just the reverse for women. We come attached with a 'best before' tag, and if -- god forbid! -- we reach the expiry date while still single, it's downhill all the way from there." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"When your parents stop matchmaking and turn philosophical, it's time to worry." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"Sometimes women can't understand each other either. It's not just men who have the problem." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"Sometimes, life is like a book. You can get so desperate to reach the end of the story that you conveniently skip a couple of chapters. However, when you do get to the end, you're left with this icky restless feeling and you know that you need to go back to those missing chapters before you can close the book." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"There seems to be a word for everything these days. There is 'make-up sex' that follows after a tiff, and then there is 'break up sex', to say goodbye. If you ask me, people just need a reasons to have sex, it's as simple as that." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"How much you enjoy being the centre of attention depends entirely on your opinion of yourself." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"There is point in everyone's life when the search for Mr. Right, is reduced to the search for Mr. Right Now." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"Love, at best of times, can be described as an adventure sport." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"Sometimes, I feel that the desire to love outweighs the desire to be loved. That has to be the reason why so often, we continue to love those who don't deserve to be loved. It helps us feel emotionally employed. 'Armor' becomes a career, a vocation." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"The worst thing about being in a relationship is the automatic assumptions your friends make. They assume that now that you have a man in your life, you will suddenly become incommunicado and discover a whole new set of priorities." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


"Marriage is not all that it's cracked up to be. After a while, it's just two people living under the same roof. And you find yourself accepting things you never thought you could." ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


 "Romantic love is, at the best of times, a luxury. While most people worry about where to sleep, a confused few agonize over who to sleep with."  ~~ Advaita Kala (Book: Almost Single)


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