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Quotes From When Google Met Wikileaks By Julian Assange

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I’m only providing some quotes from the book and no review. As I don’t have much knowledge about quite a few topics discussed in the book.

Also, it’s a transcript of the discussion that took place between the author and Eric Schmidt along with a couple of others.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed reading the book and it had my interest till the end. Also, gave me something interesting to think about. 😉

Some quotes from the book that I liked:


“Wikileaks had always been a guerilla publisher. We would draw surveillance and censorship in one jurisdiction and redeploy in another, moving across borders like ghosts.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“Nobody wants to acknowledge that Google has grown big and bad. But it has.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“Long before company founders Larry Page and Sergin Brin hired Schmidt in 2001, their initial research upon which Google was based had been partly funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And even as Schmidt’s Google developed an image as the overtly friendly giant of global teach, it was building a close relationship with intelligence community.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“But part of the resilient image of Google is “more than just a company” comes from a perception that it does not act like a big, bad corporation. Its penchant for luring people into its services trap with gigabytes of “free storage” produces the perception that Google is giving it away for free, acting directly contrary to the corporate profit motive.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“If the future of the Internet is to be Google, that should be of serious concern to people all over the world. A “don’t be evil” empire is still an empire.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“Every day, another million or so Google-run mobile devices are activated. Google will interpose itself and hence the United States government, between the communication of every human being not in China (naughty China). Commodities just become more marvelous; young, urban professionals sleep, work and shop with ease and comfort; democracy is insidiously subverted by technologies of surveillance and control and our present world order of systematized domination, intimidations and oppressions continues, unmentioned, unafflicted or only faintly perturbed.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“The advance of information technology epitomized by Google heralds the death of primary for most people and shifts the world towards authoritarianism.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“The erosion of individual privacy in the West and the attendant centralization of power make abuses inevitable, moving the ‘good’ societies closer to the ‘bad’ ones.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“You can affect a lot of people with a small amount of information. Therefore, you can change the behavior of many people with small amount of information. The question then arises as to what kinds of information will produce behavior which is just and disincentivize behavior which is unjust.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“I would say probably the most significant form of censorship, historically, has been economic censorship, where it is simply not profitable to publish something because there is no market for it.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“I say that the free speech in many Western places is free not as a result of liberal circumstances but rather as a result of such intense fiscalization that it doesn’t matter what you say. The dominant elite doesn’t have to be scared of what [people think, because a change in political view is not going to change whether they own their company or not; it is not going to change whether they own a piece of land or not.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“Censorship is always cause for celebration. It is always an opportunity because it reveals fear of reform. It means that the power position is so weak that you have got to care what people think.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“Most wars in the twentieth century started as a result of lies amplified and spread by the mainstream press. And you may say, “Well that is a horrible circumstance; it is terrible that all these wars start with lies.”. And I say no, this is tremendous opportunity because it means that populations basically don’t like wars and they have to be lied into it. That means we can be “truthed” into peace. This is a cause for great hope.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“I don’t see a difference between government and big cooperation and small corporations, This all one continuum, these are all systems that are trying to get as much power as possible.”  ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“Plans that are opposed before implementation often don’t get implemented, so they (powerful organizations) want to wait as long as possible before going public. Implementation eventually makes the plans public by the very fact that they are being implemented, but by then it is too late to alter the course of the actions effectively.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“The most effective activists are those that fight and run away to fight another day, not those who fight and martyr themselves. That’s about judgment — when to engage in the fight and when to withdraw so as to preserve your resources for the next fight.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“There are all sorts of myths that go around about what can be done and what cannot be done. It’s important to test. You don’t test by jumping off a bridge. You test by jumping off a footstool and then jumping off something a bit higher and a bit higher.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


“There’s another way of leading and that’s leading through values instead of through command and control. When you lead through values you don’t need to trust people and there is no limit on the number of people who can adopt those values and the speed at which they can adopt them. It all happens very quickly.” ~~ Julian Assange (Book: When Google Met Wikileaks)


Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of quotes.

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