quotes from geralyn corcillo books

Quotes from Geralyn Corcillo Books

I may not have found all the books I read entertaining enough. Yet there are some good quotes in the books – Miss Adventure – Queen of the Universe and Catching a Falling Star by Geralyn Corcillo.


“That’s how life is. It’s all about choices. Do you want to have friends, or work your ass off so you can get rich? Do you stay to close the deal, or do you go home to your kid’s birthday party? When you love your best friend’s girl, do you give up the friend or the girl? Do you rescue twelve animals or do you lead a carefree life that allows you to go on vacation? You just have to shut out the world and decide what you want.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Miss Adventure)


“It’s all the same. The courage it takes to jump out of plane isn’t so different from the courage it takes to tell your family who you really are.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Miss Adventure)


“Everyone has a role in a family. Regardless of who you become or how you grow, your family sees you in your role.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Miss Adventure)


“No one should ever be hounded into turning themselves inside out. Everyone should get to keep to themselves whatever they want. Except criminals.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Miss Adventure)


“Our relationships with people depend on what flaws we can put up with, and which ones we can’t. Or won’t.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Queen of the Universe)


“When you actually care about someone, the last thing you want is for them to treat the relationship like an exchange of commodities.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Queen of the Universe)


“Enjoy the love while you have it. If it turns out that someone doesn’t love you the way you love them, you can survive. Either jump in and risk heartbreak, or just live your life without ever getting close to anyone.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Queen of the Universe)


“Good writers don’t lift things right out of life and splash them onto paper. We write from everything we know. Everything that’s in our minds, hearts, and souls.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Queen of the Universe)


“Even if kids are yours, blood and bone, you can still lose them. No guarantees, no control.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Queen of the Universe)


“Some of us manage to live our lives without having to post every second to social media just so we feel like it really happened.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“Going through your life single when you haven’t found someone you want to be with is not a bad thing. Forcing it when the lightning hasn’t struck – that’s sad.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“Don’t fool yourself. Lightning striking is the easy part. It’s how you harness all that power, all that energy that makes all the difference. Don’t expect the magic moment to happen then presto, your life is perfect forever.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“Guys who like you are not rude to you in front of your whole family. Guys who like you ask your friends about you and they do nice stuff for you and they ask you to go out with them. They don’t go wherever you aren’t and then get all mad when you show up. They don’t try to make you go away.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“Even if it seems like nobody’s keeping score, there are always winners and always losers.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“When you’re competing, you play to win. But not every effort is a competition. And not every success is a win. Sometimes it’s just…happiness.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“Sometimes, life just happens. And you have to go with it. Blame. Payback. It doesn’t really get you anywhere.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


“When something good happens to someone, you can be happy for them. Overjoyed. You don’t have to die inside because you don’t have what they have. You cherish the joy in your life.” ~~ Geralyn Corcillo (Book: Catch a Falling Star)


Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of quotes.

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