quotes from ed rush's the 21 day miracle

Quotes from Ed Rush’s ‘The 21 Day Miracle’

Irrespective of my low opinion of the book itself, the one thing I don’t deny is that these books have some good quotations. If you need short doses of inspiration on the go, continue reading:


“You were meant for more. You have a message, story, or experience that’s going to change the world. You’ve known it all your life.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle


“Consistency is for losers. And it doesn’t work for at least half of us. In fact, it doesn’t work for nature either.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“Successful people compress time and do things faster – not because they can but they realize everyone can. And this realization that ‘everyone can’ enables them to do what too many seems impossible.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“When you purposefully disconnect yourself for an extended period of time, you gain a right relationship with your phone. It is there to work for you, not the other way around. You’re supposed to control it. It’s not supposed to control you.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“Once you decide to stick with something, the results show up. You just need to hang around long enough to get them.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracl


“There’s only one vote in your life and it’s yours. Sure get advice. Take advice from people you trust who have walked your path with success.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“You can’t serve two masters and there’s a good, solid case to be made that you’re a very good master and you can be trusted.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“The great irony is that in trying to live up to everyone else’s expectation, you will fail to meet both their expectations and yours. But sadly, most people live their entire lives trying to live up to some version of themselves that someone else has in mind.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“Money is amoral – it is either good or bad depending on how you use it. Kind of like guns.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“What you do with your own availability is perhaps the single most important personal decision you will make.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“You can’t manage time. Time is going to move at the exact speed it always has and time really doesn’t care what your plan is to slow it down.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


“Every great business focuses on these two things: wealth and value. And when you focus on these two, you’ll soon find that not only do you benefit, but so does everyone else.” ~~ Ed Rush (Book: The 21 Day Miracle)


Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of quotes.

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