quotes from anne dally's why women fail

Quotes from Anne Dally’s Why Women Fail

Some good points made by the author in this book ‘Why Women Fail’. The title’s intriguing enough to make you want to read it, at least, one time along with loads of awesome quotes.


“Self-destruction is thought, fantasy or action that prevents or destroys your development or fulfillment of personal life.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Self-destruction reflects inability either to cope with the problems of living or to find satisfaction in life.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Under extreme conditions most people can be self-destructive and most are vulnerable to certain situations.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“The more outwardly aggressive men and women are, the less self-destructive they are and vice-versa.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“It seems probably that most, perhaps all, human beings are programmed to behave self-destructively under some circumstances.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Self-esteem, or lack of it, is of great importance in matters of achievement and failure.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Many women felt more secure in being certain that they were the weaker sex than in being aware that they are not.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Choice is women’s greatest achievement. The conflict that comes from choice is the price they have to pay.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“The only real protection women have today lies not in their support but in themselves and in their own capacity for achievement.”


“Boredom often goes with lack of confidence, superficiality, narcissism, materialism and depression.”
~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Over complaint people appear to be normal only as long as they remain supported by the environment to which they are adjusted.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Superficiality is often associated with either boredom or hyperactivity.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“No one is really secure and everyone knows the feeling of insecurity.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“The desire to control people is often a defensive substitute for inner emptiness that lacks joys and productivity.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Self-destruction comes from feelings of emptiness and hopelessness, unreality, futility and lack of motivation or sense of ‘real me’.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“An inability or refusal to understand what is happening to women is common among women in our society, but it is for more common among men.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Obsession, unless very mild, are usually self-destructive forms of escape as well as defenses against anxiety.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Compliance lies at the root of most self-destructiveness. It is a reaction to demands made by the environment which do not involve or stimulate an individual’s spontaneity and sense of ‘real me’. ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Self-destruction in women is probably now more important than chauvinism in hampering the development of women and the women’s movement.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Sometimes the frustrating situation has become completely internal, often due to a longstanding lack of something that was essential to development; perhaps understanding a close, sensitive relationship or freedom.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“The ability to take advantage of a changing environment and the opportunities it offers depends on the ability to appreciate the new situation and to impose oneself on it. Many women are unable to do this and are still being brought up to be unable to do this.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Those who are self-destructive in the face of intolerant and inescapable external frustrations are often those of a strong personality and ability and they are often actually stronger and healthier and they achieve more than those who comply.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Those who are self-destructive in situations of opportunity and choice, or in situations from wich there is clearly an escape, are usually those whose self-esteem is low.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Success and failure are here defined not in a worldly sense but in relations to how people feel about themselves. Success is a sense of making good with what one has, perhaps, making the best of what one has.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Choice means loss of control by others. It also means loss of control of others, for if we concentrate on controlling, there is no room left for choice. All forms of loss of control can be frightening.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Many women know what they want to do or at least that they want to do something, yet they feel guilty and uncertain and are unable to pursue their own desires.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“A woman who believes in equality of opportunity is likely to find her opportunities far from equal and her path blocked by tradition and by opposition, not only from men but often from women too.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Self-respect is essential to personal progress and love. One cannot love other or enjoy one’s own life if one does not respect and care for oneself.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail) 


“Impulsiveness and the inability to wait for satisfaction are immature traits which lead easily to self-destruction.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Many people who are unable to achieve or who are positively self-destructive are basically inadequate. By inadequate I mean unable to cope with the small problems of everyday life or with the layer decisions of life or both.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


“Much self-destructive behavior can be seen as a form of escape. The escape if from emptiness of personality and lack of a sense of ‘real me’ or from the conflicts of ordinary life.” ~~ Anne Dally (Book: Why Women Fail)


Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of quotes.

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