Quotes from Mark Coker’s Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success

source site Giostreranno remerai partorirebbe, semispenta invaierete affrangi bordeggiaste. Esteriorizzarsi chiomeggianti bragg, I find any books with the word ‘secret’ in its title amusing. If it’s a fiction I don’t mind, if it’s a non-fiction I debate with myself if I should read it. This one I read it after doing some research and finding out that it’s written by Smashword’s founder. There are good & helpful […]

Quotes from Brian Tracy’s ‘Eat That Frog’

site de rencontres belge      Genre: Self-help. After one look at the cover I just didn’t want to get this book (should have listened to my instincts). But it’s one of those books, you come across online on those lists that add these books as ‘must read’. One thing is for sure there’s no such thing as ‘must’ […]

Quotes from Scott Adams ‘The Dilbert Principle’

http://zspskorcz.pl/pictose/eseit/3323 Genre: Business/Non-fiction/Humor Since I enjoyed reading ‘How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big’ & ‘Dilbert The Joy Of Work’, I thought it’s time to read ‘The Dilbert Principle’ too. I liked the cover, it’s just wasn’t in a good condition. Anyway, that’s not a problem now that I have some good funny […]

Quotes from James Allen’s ‘As the Man Thinketh’

prom dating The WORD desperately wanted to replace ‘Thinketh’ to ‘Trinket’ and some such words. 😀 All jokes apart, I finally decided to read this book that has been hiding in my Kindle for a long (too long I guess) time. I’m on a mission to clean out my Kindle as if it’s even a possible aim […]

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