Quotes from Richard Dawkins The God Delusion

Genre: Non-Fiction/Religion  As much I wanted to read ‘The God Delusion’ after finding out about its existence, I was expecting it to be a boring read. Turns out it’s anything but boring. Much better reading material than those self-help books out there.   “Religion is not the root of all evil, for no one thing […]

Quotes from Paulo Coelho The Witch of Portobello

Genre: Fiction So I picked this one for two reasons: 1: it’s a Paulo Coelho book and 2: I thought there’s going to be lots of magic in it. Turns out it’s not that kind of fiction. Despite that I enjoyed reading and even re-reading the book.   “Everyone’s looking for the perfect teacher, but […]

Quotes from Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy It seemed as if I wanted to read this book forever. 😀 So I was happy when I got to read it and it didn’t disappoint me at all.    “Writing reveals the personality.” ~~ Paulo Coelho (Book: The Alchemist)   “It’s not what enters man’s mouth that’s evil. It’s what comes out […]

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