Quotes from Nishat Fatima’s Seriously, Sitara?

minimo de ganancias para solteros 2015 I picked ‘Seriously Sitara’ without much expectation. But it won my heart so much that I have already read it a few times. And it has landed in one of my favorites list just like Almost Single. Some quotes from the book:   “Fear could make people act very uncharacteristically.” ~~ Nishat Fatima (Book: Seriously, […]

Quotes from Alan Watts The Book On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

source link I have read high-praise of this book on the Internet or in one of the mindlessly repetitive self-help books I torture myself with sometimes. So when I saw it in Kindle Unlimited program I downloaded the book. Only few pages into the book, I realized I had made a mistake. It’s certainly not the book […]

Quotes from Preeti Shenoy’s ‘The One You Cannot Have’

click here ‘The One You Cannot You Have’ just reading the title puts you into a reflective mood. I really enjoyed reading the story and it’s narrated beautifully.  And I found some good quotes too! 😀   “It is funny what memories can do to you. How they can grip you by the throat, choke you, strangle […]

Quotes from Pippa Croft’s ‘The Oxford Blue’ Series

go to link My introduction to this new genre started with ‘The Oxford Blue’ series and I enjoyed reading the trilogy. It’s not every day that you enjoy reading all the books in a series. And find some good quotes too. But I was almost afraid that I was not going to find any. 😀   “Money even […]

Quotes from ‘Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No’ By Herbert Fensterheim- Jean Baer

go here I had low expectation from this book. And I was sure, I would not get any quotes. But I ended up collecting some good quotes and even the book content I found interesting & helpful. Let’s have a look at these inspiring quotes:   “Knowing what you feel is not enough; you must express it […]

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