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Quotes from Peter Marchand ‘The Yoga of the Nine Emotions’

The title invited me to check out the book and after some more checking out I decided it’s probably going to be a good read.   “Rasas are the essences of our emotions that exist in both body and mind. The Indian tradition recognizes nine Rasas as representing our most important and basic emotions: Love, […]

Quotes from Khushwant Singh’s ‘Gods and Godmen of India’

What attracted me towards the book was its title. It’s a fact, if we must call it that, that most Indians are obsessed with gods and godmen. And after reading ‘The Good The Bad and The Ridiculous’ I wanted to read another one of his books.   “No administration which adheres to secular ideas should […]

Quotes from Khushwant Singh with Humra Quraishi ‘The Good The Bad And The Ridiculous’

This was my first Khushwant Singh book and I didn’t know if I would like it. I did expect frankness the author was famous for and the content doesn’t disappoint. The narrative is frank, contemplative and sometimes a bit funny. One thing I wasn’t expecting – quotes. Something I didn’t find much, but enough for […]

Quotes from Tony Crabbe’s Busy

It’s a book for busy people who just wouldn’t stop taking pleasure in saying ‘I’m busy’. Even if no one is buying their excuse, but they remain committed to repeat it. 😀  Anyways, let’s move on to the quotes:   “Busyness is that frenetic, always alert, multitasking that propels us through overburdened lives. It involves […]

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