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quotes from fictional books.

Quotes from Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister

After reading ‘Karan’s Wife’ I had to read ‘Sita’s Sister’ too. I also had trouble deciding which book has the better quotes, if there’s such thing. 😀   “The mind is the deity, the body just a temple to accommodate the mind. And it is the mind which is the great leveler, the great egalitarian […]

Quotes from Rachel Hall’s Self Helpless

This one was 2-in1. I picked a Chick-Lit to read and found some self-help wisdom in it too. 😀   “When something truly awful happens, there is a peaceful moment just before waking, before it all comes crashing back.” ~~ Rachel Hall (Book: Self Helpless)   “People do and say stupid things when they’re under […]

Quotes from Kiera Cass’s ‘The Selection’ Series

After looking at the cover, I let go of my initial reluctance to not read the series and started reading. And I did enjoy reading, at least, the first three books in ‘The Selection’ series. Even got some quotes that I was not expecting from the books, shared below:   “You can’t expect to be […]

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