Monday, November 9, 2020

Quotes From Mike Gaskin’s In The Name Of The Pill


Whenever I closed the book to take a break, only one quote echoed in my mind and it’s so true in this context: “Everything is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else.” ~~ Will Rogers



“The healthy skepticism may never be more absent than when we visit the doctor. Ironically, because of the odd paradigm within the medical industry, that is precisely when it should be at its sharpest.” ~~ Mike Gaskin (Book: In The Name of the Pill)


“Listen to your body. If it tells you that something doesn’t “feel right” about your hormonal contraceptives, pay attention – even if your doctor acts like it’s nothing (and especially if he/she suggest anti-depressants as the solution). Trust your questions more than the answers.” ~~ Mike Gaskin (Book: In The Name of the Pill)


“Our bodies are not vacuums, they are machines. Problems that arise tend to affect the broader system, not just engage in an isolated attack.” ~~ Mike Gaskin (Book: In The Name of the Pill)



“Prophets are typically considered heretical by their contemporaries but are revered by future generations once the truth of their prophecies is revealed.” ~~ Mike Gaskin (Book: In The Name of the Pill)



“The most important point is this – trust your questions more than the answers. If an answer doesn’t ring true, you don’t have to accept it just because it came from your doctor or some online expert. Make sure they are hearing your concerns. if necessary, seek a second opinion.” ~~ Mike Gaskin (Book: In The Name of the Pill)



“Most of us consider the doctor-patient relationship sacred. We relinquish a bit of our own free will, trusting the doctor to weigh the benefits versus the risks for us. We take comfort knowing he/she has pledged to “First do no harm,” not realizing that many doctors no longer take the Hippocratic Oath. Of course, this doesn’t mean doctors are intentionally harming patients, but it does point to a systematic divide between the level of trust we place in physicians and their subsequent lack of accountability.” ~~ Mike Gaskin (Book: In The Name of the Pill)



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Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of quotes.