Thursday, October 22, 2020

Quotes From James Altucher’s Choose Yourself



“If you body is sick, if you are around negative people who brings you down, if your idea muscle has not been refined into the prefect machine, and if spiritually you haven’t developed a sense of gratitude and surrender, you will have less chances of success in the new Choose Yourself era.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Rejection – and the fear of rejection – is the biggest impediment we face to choosing ourselves.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“You can’t hate people who reject you. You can’t let them get the best of you. Nor can you bless the people who love you. Everyone is acting out his or her own self-interest.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“What you need to do is build the house you will in. you build that house by laying a solid foundation: by building physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Obsessing on the things we can’t control is useless. It takes us out of the game. We have to choose to be in the game.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“You can’t buy happiness with the currency of unhappiness. The idea that we need to ‘pay our dues’ is a lie told to us by people who wanted our efforts and labor on the cheap.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“The only real fire to cultivate is the fire inside of you. Nothing external will cultivate it. The greater your internal fire is, the more people will want it. They will smoke every drug lit by your fire. They will try to ignite their own fires. They will try to light up their own dark caves. The universe will bend to you. Every time you say yes to something you don’t want, your fire starts to go away. You will get burned out.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“It’s important to avoid people who bring you down. Not in a cruel way. But avoid engaging or overly dwelling on people who are constantly draining you of energy.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“You can’t be beautiful unless you get rid of the ugliness inside. People become crappy people not because of who they are, but because they are crapping inside of you. Stop letting that happen.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“When you surrender and accept the beautiful stillness around you, when you give up all thoughts of the past all worries and anxieties of the future, when you surround yourself with similarly positive people, when you tame the mind, when you keep healthy, there’s zero chance of burnout.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“You can’t help others if you look in the mirror and hate what you see. And it’s very easy to hate what is there. We live most of lives hating mirror.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Becoming aware of that infinite presence doesn’t require meditation in a cave for fifty years. It involves simply being healthy. Healthy not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Often when we attach our happiness to external goals: financial success, relationship success etc., we get disappointed. Even when things work out, everything cycles, and the happiness is often fleeting.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“If you have a story to tell or a service to offer (it doesn’t matter what) love yourself enough to choose yourself. Take control of your work, your life, your art. The tools are out there. Now you just need to use the tools inside yourself.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)



 “Forget purpose. It’s okay to be happy without one. The quest for a single purpose has ruined many lives.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Rushing around the world trying to capture every piece of business will only result in financial and spiritual poverty. It’s much better to work smarter, not harder.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Your best new customers are your old customers and the best way to touch your old customer is to provide quick help when need it. Customer service is the most reliable touch point to keep selling your service to them.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“If you want to be successful, you need to study success, not hate it or be envious of it. if you’re envious you will distant yourself from success and make it that much harder to get there. Never be jealous. Never think someone is ‘lucky’. Luck is created by the prepared. Never think that someone is undeserving of the money they have.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“We only ever remember the things we are passionate about. Ultimately, these become the fields where ideas bloom and are harvested. Everything else dries up inside and dies.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


"Only worry about your own happiness, which doesn’t have to be limited by anyone else’s stupidity unless you allow it to be.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Opinions are like money. No matter how much you know, there’s always someone who knows more. And they aren’t afraid to flaunt it.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Work three to five hours a day then enjoy the rest of the day. Be as perfectionist as you can, knowing that imperfection will still rule.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Stick with the people who love you and don’t spend a single second on the rest. Life will be better that way.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Procrastination is your body telling you that you need to back off a bit and think more about what you are doing.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


“Persistence is more important than industry validation because it’s not the industry that is buying what you’re selling.” ~~ James Altucher (Book: Choose Yourself)


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