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Quotes from Tony Crabbe’s Busy


 “Busyness is that frenetic, always alert, multitasking that propels us through overburdened lives. It involves being always ‘on’, glancing regularly at our phones and jumping from task-to-task, it is the juggling, cramming and rushing that makes up so much of our daily existence. It is urgency, distraction and exhaustion.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “In a world of ‘too much’, it’s not quality that counts; it’s probably not even quality. The thing that matters is attention and differentiation: people who are able to cut through the frenzy of activity and get noticed. This won’t happen if you have your head down.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“In this world of too much we are simultaneously over-stimulated and bored; enriched and empty; connected yet isolated and alone.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Letting go in the world of too much is essential and it simple, but it takes optimism.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “There is nothing marvelous about going along with the herd. There is too much to do; but that’s not why you’re busy. You’re busy because you haven’t made tough choices and asserted your will on your environment.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “In many ways, being busy is the easy option. Not being busy is hard work; but it is, in every way better.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“It’s hard to go against the social norm, even if it’s the self-evidently correct thing to do, so we conform. The quantity of work you do and your perpetual busyness, develops because that’s what everyone else is doing.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“The effects of social norms are even more powerful when we compare ourselves to people we actually know. Everyone we come into contact with is incredibly busy, so we become busy.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“Language matters. The language you use, or more specifically the words you use in your chosen language can influence your actions and your feelings.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Words matter. Notice the words you use; spot those that limit your options and use words instead that recognize the your power to choose.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“A lack of boundaries in time, space and quantity pose real challenges for us from a psychological and a negotiation point of view.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Boundaries are critical in protecting ourselves from our mindless consumption, to help others understand us and to free ourselves from our servitude to the servers.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “Authority can reduce our need to take responsibility for our actions: being told to do something removes our need to decide. Additionally, saying ‘no’ to anyone, let alone someone more senior, is really hard. At some point, though, you’ll need to use that two-letter word if you want to set boundaries and avoid the drudgery of the perpetual ‘yes’. ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Communicate your boundaries often and before the time you need to enforce them.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Success in information age will be achieved by those who can differentiate themselves.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “We remember answers to questions we have asked better than information thrown at us: the very act of asking a question prepares the memory for storage of the answer.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Your brand describes your greatness and in living up to your brand, you become greater.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “You can’t do everything and you shouldn’t do everything if you want to succeed in your career. You need to focus with a strategy.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“We achieve more if we stay focused on tasks for longer. The more we switch backwards and forwards, the harder the brain has to work to re-orientate itself, and the slower we think.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “Powerful views and insights do not come from consumption of media and stimulation, and they don’t come just from focused attention or engagement either. They come from the combination of deep attention and then reflection.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“What we need is time off from the screens in our lives. We need time for the brain to detach, time without input; time for daydreaming and musing.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“There are three ways you can try to succeed in a competitive working environment: you can offer what you do at a cheaper rate, you can play the ‘More’ game or you can make an impact by doing things differently. Only the last of these will help you thrive.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“We can prove worth by making a difference rather than by working longer and harder than others.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“If you want to differentiate yourself in this world of too much, if you want to succeed, put your strategy and your big ideas first.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“People that are zoomed in too frequently tend to get overwhelmed by the detail; they can take things personally, seeing the ‘me’ angle first, they skitter between tasks, rather than noticing common patterns.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“It turns out that having a boarded view of what you mean to accomplish is more effective and motivational.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Detailed to-do lists can be a useful dumping ground to get things out of your head, but they should not drive your focus.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“Creativity insight is more likely to happen when you have silence, physically and intellectually. Too much neural noise will drown out the quiet signals you’re trying to reach for.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “Ideas and innovations don’t come from sameness; they come from difference.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“If you are doing the same thing as everyone else, you are less likely to fail in the short term, but you will go unnoticed.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Doing things differently is not a recipe to avoid failure – it will result in more failure – but if done right, it will also result in a lot more success.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 :If you want to make an impact, learn from evolution: experiment. Do different things. Some stuff will work; some stuff won’t. Select the stuff that works and discard the stuff that doesn’t; and then vary things again.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “When the goal is ‘More’, we can never be satisfied. ‘More’ is limitless and as we get more, we have to make greater trade-offs to maintain what we have achieved.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“Too much focus on success in external terms will make you unhappy and unhealthy. You will never feel you have ‘achieved’ success and progress towards your goal will not improve your wellbeing.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Time is a much more scarce and valuable commodity, yet we cast it aside; we squander it shamefully.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“If you want to feel more successful, if you want to increase you affluence, you might switch your attention from how you spend your money to how you spend your time.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “Understanding your whys can help you to tap into an incredible source of energy and motivation. Your whys point you to your core values – what truly matters to you will nourish and sustain you and can direct and focus you.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“We thrive when we are deeply engaged in what is most important to us. Success is a life of engagement and meaningful connection, not wealth and fame.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Business is not just a result of having too much to do; busyness is a buzz and we’re addicted to the buzz.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“We achieve real happiness through deep engagement in what we are doing, whatever it is.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“We enjoy things more when we commit and stop keeping our options open. Yet we are entirely oblivious to this fact.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “True joy, deep engagement and real mastery come from the journey, from the practice, from the persistent immersion in a pursuit; they come from commitment. This applies to hobbies and it also applies to careers and areas of expertise.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy) 


“Time management trends to drives us towards slicing time and splitting attention, and away from engagement. Focus on managing attention instead.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Showing interest in the day to day makes our nearest and dearest believe we will also be interested in their deeper fears and their higher dreams.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“We have limited time and attention, so we have to decide where to place it. We should shift more of our energy away from the many and onto the few.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“You can be disastrous on social media; you can fail to develop a large network of acquaintances, and it will have little impact on the quality of your life, but unless you get the 15 right, you will not be happy; you will not thrive.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “The reality is that no single person will be able to support you across all facets of your personality and aspirations.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“To walk our own paths and create our own possibilities takes the confidence to resist the pressure to conform and get busy. It means doing things that may fly in the face of people’s expectations.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)



“Finding your own path is harder, but a lot more satisfying and a lot more successful.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“We don’t feel fear or anxiety because of events in themselves, but because the meaning we give to them. Change our meaning and we change our emotions.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“We are flawed, all of us. Confidence stems not from fixing flaws, but from accepting them, recognizing that they are an essential aspect of your ‘you-ness’. ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


 “Build your sense of self-efficacy around the quality of your performance, not around the final outcome.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“Unless action rapidly follows good intentions, the intention quickly dissipates.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


“People with higher levels of will power achieve more, connect more and live more. People with strong willpower will be able to make the changes to move beyond busyness. Willpower is worth building.” ~~ Tony Crabbe (Book: Busy)


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