Quotes from Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson’s Rework

It’s one of those books I came across in the library and decided to read as I remembered finding it in one of the ‘must-read’ book lists. Didn’t have too many expectations from it, but it turned out much better, could provide you some points to think about. Below are some quotes from the book: […]

Quotes from ‘Write Good or Die’ Edited By Scott Nicholson

A problem with books like these is: I have to waste so much time thinking what quote I should pick to make a featured image. Anyway, there are essays from quite a few authors, sharing their wisdom on the book business and writing life. It’s a book worth reading. If you’re looking to read a […]

Quotes from Paulo Coelho’s Aleph

I just love reading Paulo Coelho books. I also love noting the amazing quotes I get from the authors books. They are just amazing. Here a small collection of quotes from Aleph:   “Dreamers can never be tamed.” ~~ Paulo Coelho (Book: Aleph)   “Train your heart. That is the discipline every warrior needs. If […]

Quotes from Kavita Kane’s Sita’s Sister

After reading ‘Karan’s Wife’ I had to read ‘Sita’s Sister’ too. I also had trouble deciding which book has the better quotes, if there’s such thing. 😀   “The mind is the deity, the body just a temple to accommodate the mind. And it is the mind which is the great leveler, the great egalitarian […]

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